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Brief History

One of the earliest guitar manufacturers in Japan, Guyatone began production in 1933 by cabinet maker's apprentice Mr. Mitsuki. The name "Guyatone" roughly translates to "handy-man music" and began appearing on instruments in 1951, as well as Amplifiers & Cartridges.
In 2013 Guyatone joined forces with DeMont Guitars of Oswego, IL, USA and now manufactures in both the US & Japan.



Guyatone strives to maintain top-quality production of new products as well as remanufactured vintage parts, all produced within Japan and the US.



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Guya Tone
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Toshihiko Torii

Toshihiko Torii heads up our Guyatone Japan division. He is world-renowned for his electronics engineering work with Takamine, Sony, Roland, Guyatone, HAO and more.

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Nathaniel DeMont

Nate specializes in running projects, CNC & CAD Programming, Design, and Wood-work. He is continuously improving processes to complete new and different methods for small manufacturing.